Nick McClure
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Nick McClure

The entire Swing Genius application, the videos, the branding, and this very website. Every pixel, every line of code, every cinematic frame—he created it.

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A highly experienced XR Prototyper and Product Designer at Magnopus with more than a decade of experience in Unreal Engine, who has made significant contributions to a diverse range of projects. From CNN VR, to the groundbreaking Madison Beer's Immersive Reality Concert, to cutting-edge VR/AR applications for multi-billion dollar clients, Nick’s expertise spans across various disciplines, ensuring breath-taking results in every project he undertakes. Additionally, he has collaborated with industry giants like Epic Games to integrate innovative AR/VR features such as Virtual Scouting and Virtual Camera into the Unreal Engine source code itself; now used daily by a vast majority of the now-budding virtual production industry.

His extensive skill sets and strong individual contributions are complemented by his ability to lead and communicate effectively in fast-paced collaborative environments. With a deep understanding of both real-time experience/application and 3D product design workflows, he excels in advanced scripting systems, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, systems design, interaction design, UI/UX design, audio design, hardware design & integration, and virtual production. His passion for human-centered design, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering magic moments have made him an invaluable asset, consistently driving better end-experiences across a wide range of teams.