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Thomas Neuteufel

In pursuit of the perfect technique (to compensate for lack of natural talent), he works closely with Nick to create innovative swing aids and build optimal AI systems.

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Thomas Neuteufel is an innovative and experienced business professional with a track record of successfully optimizing processes and building scalable solutions at prestigious companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AEG, and 300 Entertainment. With a diverse background in management consulting, sales, marketing, and partnerships, Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge in user experience and process optimization, making him an essential part of the Swing Genius founding team. He harbors a deep understanding of the golf swing, bringing a unique perspective to Swing Genius's foundational technology, ensuring its long-term growth and applicability beyond golf.

As a co-founder of Swing Genius, Thomas's vision of integrating advanced AI and XR technologies drives the development of a cutting-edge golf training application that caters to both beginners and experienced golfers. Committed to revolutionizing golf skill development, Thomas's relentless focus on user experience allows him to contribute significantly to the product's design and the implementation of intelligent systems that empower users to achieve meaningful skill improvements. His valuable experience gained from working at renowned companies bolsters his understanding of building world-class solutions. Thomas is instrumental in ensuring the long-term success of Swing Genius and the realization of its vision to make impactful contributions to the AI and XR industries as a whole.