The golf swing

Utilizing mixed-reality and a GPT-4 powered AI Copilot, Swing Genius bends reality to unlock previously impossible skill growth capabilities for both new and veteran golfers

Powered by

Meta Quest
Unreal Engine


Want to learn how to use the app? Want to learn deeply technical information about your swing and how to improve it? Your GPT-4 powered Swing Copilot is almost like having a 24/7 golf genius.

Stay connected to reality while hitting balls through the window of an entirely different one… wherever you want. A golf analysis suite has never been this immersive, approachable, or portable.

Utilizing the academically proven mathematics from Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon, each swing plane is generated specifically to you and your selected club.

Designed and fabricated in-house, the Swing Genius Club Attachment allows you to painlessly fuse your real clubs with virtual clubs, unlocking the native golf experience and providing more accurate insights.

View your swing path and analyze it from any angle. You've never seen your swing like this before.

Simultaneously visualize your club’s face angle and swing plane deviation alongside your head’s relative plane angle; all with accompanying haptics for muscle-memory training.

Leveraging the Meta Quest Pro’s eye-tracking, dynamic swing plane generation, real-time motion analysis, and various other swing heuristics, Swing Genius provides metrics found nowhere else.

Ever wish you could have an infinite and weightless alignment stick attached perfectly to the butt of your club? The Infini-Grip is here to save the day.

Motion capture, swing, and simulated ball flight data are all combined into a single, digestible, swing report.

Practice hitting bombs, chip shots, or anything in between. The choice is yours.

Yes, this is
very real.

The future is now. If you have a Quest Pro and want to try it yourself, request access below.

Coming soon

We’re currently in the Alpha stage of development and have more work to do before releasing Swing Genius to the masses. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on our developments, enter your email below.

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